Dust039: His Dark Materials S3E07-08 Music

Matt takes one final look at Lorne Balfe’s score for His Dark Materials, examining S3E07 “The Clouded Mountain” and S3E08 “The Botanical Garden”. The podcasts will end after our next show, but we’ll still be around to talk. Tweet @thedustpodcast, Hive or Mastodon MattsAudioBlog, use the contact form at mattsaudioblog.com or comment on the Double P Media YouTube videos youtube.com/c/doublepmedia

Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Spoiler Alert, Intro, and Pod info
00:05:44 – Music Analysis: The Love Theme (Love Across Worlds/Young Love)
00:13:08 – Music Analysis: The Serpent Story (a Double S!)
00:19:08 – Music Analysis: Other Things that Made Matt Cry and the Subtle Knife Theme
00:24:16 – Music Analysis: Mrs Coulter’s Grand Exit
00:29:52 – Music Analysis: Asriel’s Call To Arms
00:32:31 – Music Analysis: Into the Abyss
00:36:55 – Thank You

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