Matt routinely interacts with a special selection of panelists/regulars/friends on his podcasts. Have no fear, if they are on the podcast, they will certainly know much more about the subject matter than he will! This means that enduring Matt is merely the price you pay for good content from them! 

Host: Matt
Twitter:  @musicalconcepts
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About: Matt is a former touring professional musician who first gained an interest in podcasting during the hiatus between the fifth and final seasons of LOST.  After a successful run with Keys To Lost he turned towards other TV shows to podcast about, but his main focus was Game of Thrones, beginning with the second season and his launching of Podcast Winterfell in 2012. Touring made it impossible for Matt to keep Podcast Winterfell going but he returned to cover the 8th and final season of Game of Thrones on HBO, and will continue to podcast with others about other TV shows, his strongest suit being the analysis of the musical score of television shows.
Host: Stephanie (Siren of ASOIAF in the North)
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Stephanie is a magical unicorn who spends her days reading, watching TV, & serving her 3 cats- Hermione, Zelda, & Fitzgerald.  Her favorite book series are Harry Potter, The All Souls Trilogy, & ASOIAF. Stephanie’s favorite TV shows include The Sopranos, LOST, Fringe, Grey’s Anatomy, & Gilmore Girls. She enjoys being a Sansa Stark champion, glitter, & charcuterie boards.
Host: Kelly (Siren of ASOIAF in the West)
Twitter:  @KellyUnderfoot 
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About: Kelly first read A Game of Thrones during season 1, each week keeping up with the  show (the evening of episode 9 was a Long Night!). The need for connection to like-minded fanatics led her to the podcast world where Matt’s Podcast Winterfell was always the first in her spreadsheet and first in her heart. Kelly is a math major and a major nerd who does CAD by day and geeks out to science documentaries by night. Her indulgences include burritos and wine which she balances with sunny beach running, rock climbing, and playing with her kitties. Named a top 3 Game of Thrones Kelly by People Named Kelly Blog in 2023!
Host: Susan (Siren of ASOIAF in the East)
Twitter: @blackeyedlily 
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About: Susan is everyone’s resource for in-depth information regarding ASOIAF, and British Royalty, and keeps a clear head despite Matt’s thrashing about. She also is a bottomless well of additional reference material, ranging from blogs, to podcasts, to YouTube presentations that will help listeners get additional insight from other sources! 
Host: John (Titan of ASOIAF from the North)
Twitter: @J_McGonagle
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About: John has been on a ride with Matt, Ken from Cripples Bastards and Broken Things podcast, and others to talk about Game of Thrones and ASOIAF, as well as Aaron Sorkin. He and Kelly created the content for the (now famous) Grand Northern Conspiracy presentation on Podcast Winterfell. 
Host: Holly (Siren of ASOIAF in the South)
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About: Holly discovered the world of podcasting after becoming obsessed with Game of Thrones and ASOIAF. Spent the first 7 seasons as a listener to many many podcasts in the fandom, including Podcast Winterfell. Greatest achievement is convincing Matt to come back to the show after he quit. Holly became a regular guest on Matt’s Audio Blog in 2018, and cohosts with Matt on the His Dark Materials podcast The Dust, as well as cohosting with Matt and Bubba on the Double P Media production of Podcast Lilibet, which covers The Crown on Netflix.
Host: Bubba from Double P Media
Twitter: @fittentrim @DoublePHQ
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About: Bubba is a media professional, who joined in on Matt’s first Fan Call-In shows for Podcast Winterfell, then decided that if Matt could do this, just about anybody could do it better. He started his own (now famous) Joffrey of Podcasts to cover HBO’s Game of Thrones, and never looked back, starting his own family of podcasts called Double P Media. He still will often credit (but mostly blame) Matt for giving him the idea to do a podcast. 
Host: Catfish from Double P Media
Twitter: @cjgman67 
Book Reader? Until it bores himTV or Book Preference? Both, until one bores him!
About: Shhh… Catfish is an actor, and he’s working, and you’ve probably seen him on TV and in movies! That doesn’t stop him from suffering while doing podcasts with Matt occasionally (and believe us, to podcast with Matt IS to suffer), and he revels in Matt’s inabilities to read and pronounce things as much as the next person! 
Host: Mike  (Titan of ASOIAF from the Northwest) 
Twitter: @brainwashedlib 
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About: Mike is a documentarian and he makes good ones! He also has been podcasting and producing for longer than Matt, and he knows more, says it better, and is generally very patient with Matt’s inadequacies, which hopefully will encourage listeners to ALSO be patient with Matt. Catch him mostly on the DVR Podcast Network, but look forward to his appearances here because they are stellar! 
Host: Axel  (Titan of DVR Podcasts from the Northwest) 
Twitter: @WAxelFoley 
Book Reader? Fire and Blood and some ASOIAFTV or Book Preference? ???
About: Axel is very often busy running the excellent DVR Podcast Network, that covers a host of shows, including Game of Thrones on Podcast Winterfell, but look forward to his appearances when they happen, because he is a passionate fan and analyst of all manner of TV and book things!