About Matt

Matt has been a full-time professional musician since 1991, after acquiring a degree in Jazz Studies Performance on Saxophone  from Webster University. He has toured internationally and is well known in the “top circles” for Blues and Jazz music, both for touring and for studio work. His resume includes performances with Grammy nominated John Primer, High Tone Recording Artist James Armstrong, Blind Pig Records’ Hamilton Loomis,  rhythm and blues legends such as Little Milton Campbell and Ernie Isley,  and he regularly crosses paths with Blue Lou, and Larry Thurston of the Blues Brothers Revue Band, and has performed with both Dan Aykroyd  and Jim Belushi separately,  as well as having penned numerous successful country songs with master songster Curtis Lance (Kenny Chesney, Randy Travis, Luke Bryan).

Seeing that the thing he typically loved most about good television and movies, the musical score of such mediums, was not covered extensively in podcasts Matt joined up with fellow St. Louis musician and songwriter Leslie Sanazaro to cover the last season of the television show LOST on ABC and analyzed not only the plot and characters, but also t the musical score of Michael Giacchino. Ever since then Matt has started and/or hosted several podcasts covering Television shows, some also involving the musical score, some not, some now continuing under new management, some not.  Go to “The Podcasts” tab to find a cast that works for you!