BB021: About 5 Minutes About Natalie Holt

In this very brief edition of Bustin’ Blockbusters, titled “About 5 Minutes About….”, Matt talks about the news of Disney/Lucasfilm welcoming its first female composer to the Star Wars universe, Natalie Holt, for the upcoming Obi Wan series. He ponders what to expect from the score, and then gets out of your ears as quickly as he came barged in.

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Much of this work is derived from the Vanity Fair Article on the subject. Find it at: –

Golf Swing Transition Sound Effect used is from the YouTube Audio Library.


BB020: MUSIC Impossible

Matt breaks down his top 5 scoring moments from Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible franchise.

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Time Stamps:

00:00:00 – Spoiler Alert and Introduction

00:03:49 – Meet the Impossible Composers

00:07:46 – The Original Theme

00:13:10 – Podcast Housekeeping

00:17:10 – Composers are nothing without performers

00:18:34 – Matt’s #5 Favorite MI Scoring Moment

00:22:42 – Matt’s #4 Favorite MI Scoring Moment

00:25:59 – Matt’s #3 Favorite MI Scoring Moment

00:33:34 – Matt’s #2 Favorite MI Scoring Moment

00:37:40 – Matt’s #1 Favorite MI Scoring Moment

00:43:05 – Feedback

00:44:48 – Wrap Up and Reminders (A Double R?)