BB007: Wheel of Time Book Biased Babble (a TRIPLE B!)

Matt does some Book Bias Babbling (a triple B) regarding the Wheel of TIme S1E01-S1E03. Don’t forget our discord server, where on Saturdays at 2pm Central, you can talk to Matt in person about the most recent episode of The Wheel of Time. Look at the pinned tweet atop the @BustBlockbuster twitter, join the server then chime in on Saturdays! You can always tweet Matt (@BustBlockbuster) or send emails to or leave comments on the YouTube presentations. Speaking of which Bustin Blockbusters is part of Double P Media, which you can follow on twitter and insta at @DoublePHQ, on facebook at, or on youtube at – find all episodes of this podcast at or, and find all info about Double P Media at


BB006: The Wheel of Time S1E02 and S1E03

Matt will have a special book reader episode out later this week, but in the meantime it’s him and Bubba with TV-Only talk for episodes S1E02 “Shadow’s Waiting” and S1E03 “A Place of Safety”. There’s episode ratings and discussion, silly games, feedback, and music analysis in store for you this episode! We really want to hear from you too! Tweet to @BustBlockbuster or @DoublePHQ on twitter, send emails to, leave comments on the YouTube presentations (found at, or go to to find all back episodes and leave comments there. Subscribe, rate and review. If you send Matt a screenshot of you being subscribed to ANY Double P Media property (Double P Podcast, Parsec Passion Podcast , The Dust, The Joffrey of Podcasts, Double P Media YouTube Channel, etc) you will be entered to win… something … cool Wheel of Time related at the end of the Wheel of Time Season! . The rendition of Lorne Balfe’s “Al’Dival (For The Light)” is arranged and performed by Matt. No copyright infringement is intended.



00:00:00 – Spoiler Alert.

00: 00:16 – SPAWN CENTER update.

00:03:09 – Welcome.

00:05:10 – Episode Ratings.

00:12:20 – Rand Haters.

00:16:28 – Episode Discussion (Blah Blah Blah).

01:20:22 – What’s Worse.

01:25:27- Polls and Feedback.

01:32:30 – Music Analysis.

01:41:41 – Goodbyes.

BB005: The Wheel of Time -S1E01 “Leavetaking”

Apologies to Book Readers, a promised book reader only section was promised, but inclusion of the section kept crashing the file. A special episode will be released in the near future with book reader thoughts for all three of the releases from Friday November 19th.

In the meantime Matt and Bubba review S101 of The Wheel of Time titled “Leavetaking”. They recap and “Bust” down the episode, as well as play some silly games, review your feedback, and Matt offers music analysis on a theme that appeared frequently in the episode.

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The Hall and Oates parody song “Rand Haters” and the Bach style version of Lorne Balfe’s White Cloaks theme “Al’Dival (For the Light)” were arranged and performed by Matt. No copyright infringement is intended.


BB004: The Wheel of Time – Bustin’ Balfe!

The Wheel of Time is only 3 days away! Matt’s excited! Are you? Join him as he goes through some feedback for the official trailer review, then proceeds to do some Balfe Bustin’ (a double B!), as he breaks down a piece that was in the trailer, and looks at Balfe’s unique approach for the upcoming series. Some other YouTubers referenced in this podcast include The Dusty Wheel (find them at and Priscila- A Maldita!- who offers takes in Portuguese (find her at – check them out – and – of course – SEND. US. FEEDBACK! We want to know what you’re thinking about the Wheel of Time series as it happens. Comment on our YouTubes (Search for Double P Media), send tweets to @BustBlockbuster or @DoublePHQ, or send emails to! Better yet – let us hear from you directly on each Saturday at 2pm EST after new episodes air on Fridays at Matt’s Discord Server (find invite links at , or pinned atop the @BustBlockbuster twitter profile)! Plus send the twitter a screenshot of your device being subscribed to the YouTube, or any of the Double P Podcasts (Parsec Passion, The Joffrey of Podcasts, The Dust, Double P Podcast, or Bustin Blockbusters) and you are entered to win cool prizes from the podcast at the end of the Wheel of Time Season! Podcast theme is Matt’s rendition of Lorne Balfe’s “Al’Dival” and its use, as well as the 10 second snip of the original track comes courtesy of Mr. Balfe, 14th Street Records, and Amazon Prime. No copyright infringement is intended.


BB003: The Wheel of Time October Trailer Review

Matt and Bubba dive into the newest Wheel of Time trailer that was released on October 27, 2021! Bubba’s a newbie. Matt’s an oldie who spouts knowledge like he’s actually a newbie! Join in the discussion! Tell us what you think about the new trailer and the series overall, by tweeting @BustBlockbuster or @DoublePHQ! Don’t forget the Double P Facebook ( ) or YouTube too (search for Double P Media and subscribe). Find all podcasts Matt does at or all the podcasts Bubba does at Don’t forget about our fan call-in shows on our discord server (find the link to join in our links section at ), starting Saturday November 20th at 2pm EST!


BB002: Wheel of Time Music Analysis 01

Matt takes a look at what we might expect from Lorne Balfe, who will be the composer for the Wheel of Time series. Tweet @bustblockbuster on twitter, send emails to and don’t forget to follow the Double P family of podcasts on twitter too: @DoublePHQ


B4TD022: List Game(s) of Thrones and HoTD Talk!

Siren of ASOIAF from the west Kelly (@kellyunderfoot on twitter) joins Matt to complete Top 5 and position lists for Game of Thrones. Which character would do best in the Olympics? Who should be selected to sing in a church choir, and more, as they mark people off their lists like Arya would!

Have feedback? Tweet to @b4thedragonpod on twitter or go to to find all contact info and all back episodes of the podcast! Please leave us a written review and subscribe to the podcast wherever you get us!

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BB001: Wheel of Time Trailer Talk

Matt breaks down “The Wheel of Time” trailer released in early September of 2021 for you, with both a spoiler free commentary and a special spoiler section! If you have feedback please tweet @BustBlockbuster or send emails to and please subscribe/follow, rate and review this podcast wherever you are getting it (thanks!)!

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Show notes links:

WoT trailer YT link:

Rafe’s comments regarding book to season correlations:

Rosamund Pike and @rafejudkins answer your questions about #TheWheelOfTime!

Originally tweeted by The Wheel Of Time (@TheWheelOfTime) on September 2, 2021.

The Nerdist trailer breakdown article:

Amazon episode release schedule (Spoiler Warning – does have Episode Titles):

BB000: We are now Bustin’ Blockbusters! (rebrand introduction)

We’re back, under a different name! Delightfully Dreadful Podcast is now Bustin’ Blockbusters Podcast! Matt explains all! Tweet to @Bustblockbuster on twitter and suggest things to podcast about. Follow Double P Media on twitter @DoublePHQ. Subscribe rate and review! Find everything Matt is into at


Lilibet008: The Crown S4E06-10

Holly (@huntpants), Bubba (@fittentrim) and Matt (@lilibetpod) do some podcast marriage counseling as they discuss S4E06 through S4E10 of The Crown on Netflix. News is shared, games are played, and power outages happen! You’ll hear what they think, but, more importantly, we want to know what YOU think! Tweet @DoublePHQ , comment on or on our videos ( to share what you think of the episodes discussed, and vote on the polls by checking out @Lilibetpod on twitter. #TheCrown We’ll be back when Season 5 of the show is released!

Show Notes Links:

Katherine and Nerissa Bowes-Lyon

Derek “Dazzle” Jennings

Purdy performing “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You”

Comparing Claire Foy’s performance to the real Queen Elizabeth’s speech

Philip and Diana’s “rocky” Relationship (a double R!)

Bob Hawke’s interview before being elected Prime Minister of Australia &

Princess Margaret Lung Surgery

Commonwealth meeting in the Bahamas and Economic Sanctions

Diana’s Birthday Dance for Charles

Sunday Times article about Elizabeth and Thatcher

Diana and James Hewitt

Charles’ Near Miss in the Avalanche –

Diana visits Harlem

Thatcher resigns as Prime Minister

Margaret Thatcher Awarded the Order of Merit