Lilibet005: The Crown S3E01-05

Holly (@huntpants on twitter), Bubba (@Fittentrim) and Matt (@Lilibetpod) dive into the 3rd season, and the new cast of The Crown on Netflix! Art Agents, Nun Nanas, and Terrible Tragedies are discussed, games are played, music is parsed, polls are taken, and more!

You’ll know what we think, but we want to know what YOU think! Tweet @DoublePHQ (same on Instagram), comment on the Facebook page (, or on our videos (Http:// to share what you think of the episodes discussed, and vote on the polls by checking out @Lilibetpod on twitter.

Special thanks to Hoomie ( and Decoy Beats ( for their loops in the opening number.

History Links include:

Anthony Blount:

Winston Churchill’s final days:

Margaret’s US Visit:

The Aberfan Disaster

The Royal Family Documentary

Philip’s Meet the Press interview

The Queen’s Horseracing Trip to the US 


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