Dust028: His Dark Materials re-Watch Party S1E06

The His Dark Materials rewatch party continues with S1E06 “The Daemon-Cages”! Join in the party and hit play with Matt, then listen to Matt’s comments as you watch!

If you have feedback then tweet to @thedustpodcast, send emails to dustpodcast@gmail.com or call 314.269.0421 and leave a voicemail!

And we really want your feedback! So much so that Matt is giving away 3 Funko Pop His Dark Material collectables at the conclusion of the rewatch! Either leave a written review wherever you get our podcast or use twitter, email or voicemail to submit a 3 word description of any His Dark Materials episode between S1E05 and S1E08! Do that or submit a written review of the podcast on whatever app you use to listen (that allows you to) by July 9th, 2021!

Find those contact links and more podcast information, including app links (please follow, download, rate and review wherever you get your podcasts) at mattsaudioblog.com – Podcast music is arranged by Matt based on the His Dark Materials Main Theme, composed by Lorne Balfe. No copyright infringement intended.


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