B4TD033: House of the Dragon Post Comic Con

Matt is join by the Siren of ASOIAF from the East, Susan, to discuss all of the content coming out during, and since, San Diego Comic Con! If you have thoughts, tweet to @b4thedragonpod, send emails to mattsaudioblog@gmail.com, comment on the posts at mattsaudioblog.com, or comment on the YouTube videos (search Before the Dragon Podcast).

Time Stamps:

00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:58 – Susan tells us about content since Comic Con
00:13:59 – Comic Con Panel Discussion
00:17:56 – Susan’s GRRM Observation
00:21:22 – More Panel Talk
00:22:37 – Alicent or Guilty
00:23:36 – Structure of the Show
00:27:39 – More Panel Talk
00:36:34 – Additional Trailer Talk
00:46:24 – The new look for the Iron Throne
00:48:17 – Final Trailer Thoughts
00:49:52 – What does Susan think of a Jon (Sneh) series?
00:54:19 – Seven Hellz
00:58:28 – Will the content drops continue?
01:01:15 – Wrapping it up


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