B4TD028: More Trailer Talk (With Book Spoilers)

Titan of ASOIAF from the north John (@J_McGonagle on twitter) joins Matt for a look at the trailer from a book readers perspective (warning – there may be spoilers). Apologies for the audio quality (Matt will learn how to use a mic SOMEday)!

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Time Stamps (Chapters):

00:00:00 – Apologies for the audio, Spoiler Warning, and Intro.

00:01:24 – Hello and Corrections from the last cast.

00:05:23 – Here’s Johnny! (And Trailer Talk – with SOME book spoilers).

00:54:16 – Seven Hellz (Games).

01:01:04 – Feedback.

01:04:46 – Wrap Up.


B4TD027: New House of the Dragon Trailer and Images

Matt discusses the new House of the Dragon trailer and images released by HBO on May 5th, 2022, and also reviews some feedback.

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Time Stamps:

00:00:00 – Intro.

00:00:49 – Blacks and Greens (Parody Song by Matt).

00:02:10 – Hello and Pod Info.

00:03:33 – Trailer Talk.

00:18:57 – Feedback.

00:22:52 – New HotD Images.

00:27:53 – Alicent or Guilty?

00:31:04 – Closing thoughts.


B4TD026: House of the Dragon News

Matt gives you the latest Westerosi news, including the premiere date for the heavily anticipated House of the Dragon series! Tweet the podcast @b4thedragonpod, send emails to mattsaudioblog@gmail.com, and find all back episodes of every podcast Matt does, as well as other helpful information like podcast app links (please leave a written review where you can, and hit that subscribe button – it helps!). Intro and Outro music in this podcast (Titled “Ready For Freddie”) by Track Tribe – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCALNf7YM2pEGJvIHf1zxftA


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B4TD022: List Game(s) of Thrones and HoTD Talk!

Siren of ASOIAF from the west Kelly (@kellyunderfoot on twitter) joins Matt to complete Top 5 and position lists for Game of Thrones. Which character would do best in the Olympics? Who should be selected to sing in a church choir, and more, as they mark people off their lists like Arya would!

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