Lilibet003: The Crown S2E01-05

The Duke of Edinburgh walks along a slippery slope (a Double S), Princess Margaret becomes a submissive subject (another Double S), and the Queen makes a scandalous speech (yet another Double S). Holly, Bubba, and Matt break it all down for you in this edition of Podcast Lilibet. They play games, look at characters and the actual history of the events, talk music, and look deep into the first half of the second season of #TheCrown on Netflix.
Special thanks to NewNation ( and UnderTheImpression ( for helping Matt to create the opening number.

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Show notes for this podcast:

Suez Canal Crisis

The XVI Olympiad of the modern era :

Antony Eden Resigns the PM position:

Philip becomes prince:

Lord Altricham’s Critiques:

First Televised Christmas Message:

Margaret and Antony Armstrong Jones:


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