DD007A: Penny Dreadful City of Angels S1E07 “Maria and the Beast”

What happens when Matt’s unstoppable force of yays meets Catfish’s immovable object of nays? Find out as they discuss Penny Dreadful City of Angels S1E07 “Maria and the Beast”. They also play the old favorite standard “Three Words” game, and Catfish introduces a new game – “Somebody Help Catfish”. They offer up nominations for their “Townsend”, “My Favorite Magda”. and “Magda Cum Laude” awards. They go through YOUR submitted feedback for last week’s episode, and, if that’s not enough, invite you to participate in not one, but TWO contests! (Interested parties inquire within.)

You can submit YOUR thoughts, 3 words descriptions, helps for Catfish or award nominations anytime! We have a listener line now! 314.269.0421! Call the aforementioned listener line, send emails to dreadfulpodcast@gmail.com, leave comments on our YouTube pages, or tweet to @dreadfulpod with all your #Dreadful thoughts! All back episodes, the youtube channel link, contact info, and various feed links (please subscribe and leave a written review wherever you get your podcasts) can be found at dreadfulpodcast.wordpress.com

This podcast is part of DoubleP Podcasts! Follow them @DoublePHQ on twitter and instagram or go to facebook.com/DoublePHQ to find out more information on The Last Kingdom Season 4 coverage!

Podcast theme is composed and owned by Matthew Murdick.


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