GOTMAB047: Game of Thrones S5E03 “High Sparrow”

Welcome back to Game of Thrones, Matt’s Audio Blog Monday cast! In this episode Matt is joined by the Siren of Ice and Fire from the West, Kelly (@KellyUnderfooot on Twitter), and the Siren of Ice and Fire from the East Susan (@blackeyedlily on Twitter) to talk about S5E03 “High Sparrow”. Musically Matt explores the dominance of the Stark Theme in this episode as well as one inconsistency that’s ok with him (Beheading Music).

If you have Season 5 feedback for the podcast email or tweet to @MattsGoTBlog on twitter by January 19th, 2019 in order to be included in the next feedback cast. Find all back episodes, contact information, and podcast app links (please leave a written review on whatever app you are using to listen!) at

Music on this podcast includes podcast theme by Matt and Looperman users GuitarLover ( Psid ( , and FlaskTheProducer ( , “Three Little Words” and “L.O.V.E” by John Pizzarelli (, and all Game of Thrones score by Ramin Djawadi (

Thanks to @FittenTrim from @DoublePHQ for the new voice overs and to @WAxelFoley from @DVRPodcast for the voice overs in the past.


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