BT043: House of the Dragon S1E03 – CGI Oh De(E)r!

Susan, Kelly, John, and Matt continue to discuss House of the Dragon S1E03 “Second of his Name”. A “serious” discussion breaks out, then they continue to explore the Tiny Wheel of Topics, and get a surprise Top 5 list from Kelly! They also play the 3 word description game, nominate the best couplings for the episode (Brothelmates), and play Seven Hellz, where they now draw not one, but TWO names to be potentially punished by in the next episode.

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Time Stamps: 00:00:00 – Spoiler Alert and Intro
00:00:50 – Serious Topic Time: CGI Oh Deer!
00:02:37 – Tiny Wheel of Topics: Otto will try ANYTHING!
00:13:26 – Tiny Wheel of Topics: Miguel Departs
00:22:26 – Tiny Wheel of Topics: More Deer! (The White Hart)
00:34:30 – Tiny Wheel of Topics: Crabfeeder Who?
00:40:38 – Tiny Wheel of Topics: Valaryon Cold Intro?
00:46:38 – Kelly’s Top 5 White-Blond Hair Styles of HotD
00:50:09 – Tiny Wheel of Topics: Sidecar Characters – Favorite Sceentime Fresh Faces
00:55:10 – Three Words
00:58:22 – Brothelmates (Best Coupling)
01:03:38 – Seven Hellz Game (now drawing TWO names per week)
01:10:11 – Feedback
01:12:47 – Final Thoughts (about CGI Deer – oh! And about the episode!)