B4TD061: House of the Drgaon S1E09 – Just Matt

It’s the 2nd look podcast for S1E09 of House of the Dragon, “The Green Council”! Matt is never alone really, and he shares some perspectives sent in by his usual panel, and YOUR thoughts, three words, and brothelmates as well! We want to hear from you too! Tweet the podcast @b4thedragonpod, send emails to mattsaudioblog@gmail.com, leave comments on the website (mattsaudioblog.com) or on the YouTube channel (search for “Before the Dragon Podcast” there)!

Some sounds used in this podcast are licensed by Matt through Artist IO (https://artlist.io/) and all licenses held are viewable in a publicly shared Google folder for inspection: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1to5jB5pXtiovOSAkrsaDRaReQQX9TfON?usp=sharing

Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Spoiler Alert and Intro
00:00:50 – Hello and Podcast Business
00:04:46 – Matt Rethinks S1E09 and his Initial Reaction
00:18:54 – Music Analysis: SO MUCH GOOD MUSIC!
00:43:32 – Three Words (3 word descriptions of the episode)
00:49:00 – Brothelmates (Best Coupling)
00:52:21 – Feedback, a Part 2 is Coming, and Closing Thoughts

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