BB030: Westworld S4E01 in About 5 Minutes with Coach T

While Matt is away, a certain Trolloc will play! Coach T formerly known as “T”, the artist formerly known as Coach Trolloc, chimes in with an About SEVEN (he went a little over) Minutes About podcast episode, to talk about the Season 4 premiere of Westworld, and some of the prevailing theories about the season that are already out there.

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Matt Appears on the DVR Podcast Network covering: Better Call Saul S6E7 “Plan and Execution”

Notes from the podcast

On this very special episode Heath and Axel are joined by our very dear friends Gina and Matt.

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BB008: The Wheel of Time S1E04 “The Dragon Reborn”

Matt and Bubba break down The Wheel of Time S1E04 “The Dragon Reborn”. “We see you Dave Hill”, “Rand Haters”, “What’s Worse”, and your feedback are all included in this cast. Don’t forget our discord server, where on Saturdays at 2pm Central, you can talk to Matt in person about the most recent episode of The Wheel of Time. Look at the pinned tweet atop the @BustBlockbuster twitter, join the server then chime in on Saturdays! You can always tweet Matt (@BustBlockbuster) or send emails to or leave comments on the YouTube presentations. Speaking of which Bustin’ Blockbusters is part of Double P Media, which you can follow on twitter and Instagram at @DoublePHQ, on Facebook at, or on YouTube at – find all episodes of this podcast at or, and find all info about Double P Media at

Time Stamps: 00:00:00 – Spoiler Alert. 00::00:16 – Logain(e) for Men Spoof. 00:00:54 – Welcome. 00:02:48 – Episode Ratings. 00:07:01 – Podcast and Feedback Information. 00:09:25 – Rand Haters. 00:12:51 – Episode Discussion (Blah Blah Blah). 00:59:21 – What’s Worse? 01:04:33 – Feedback. 01:15:56 – Musical Analysis (Bustin’ Balfe). 01:19:57 – Goodbyes.


B4TD023: House of the Dragon Teaser Talk w Podcast Winterfell’s Axel Foley

Matt is joined by the Podfather of DVR Podcasts, and Podcast Winterfell, Axel Foley (@winterfellpod on Twitter) to break down the House of the Dragon Teaser Trailer that was released on October 5th, 2021. Be sure to check out all DVR podcasts by going to and find all of Matt’s stuff at


Dust026: His Dark Materials re-Watch Party Feedback!

Matt goes through the polls and feedback so far for our Re-watch of Season 1 of His Dark Materials! He also announces a new contest for a chance to win one of three HDM Funko Pops coming out soon!

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Lilibet002: The Crown S1E05-10

Sister Squabbles (a double S), Incantated Images (a Double I) and Dreadful Decisions (a double D) all await Holly (@huntpants on twitter), Bubba (@fittentrim on twitter), and Matt (@lilibetpod on twitter) as they discuss Netflix’s #TheCrown S1E06-10! They play games, look at characters and the actual history of the events, talk music, and look deep into the final half of the first season. If you have feedback for the podcast feel free to tweet to @lilibetpod on twitter, or, even better(!), follow @DoublePHQ on twitter/Instagram, Facebook,
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Show notes: King Edward’s Abdication papers: – Anthony Eden’s Gallbladder Saga:

Elizabeth’s Northern Ireland Tour: –

The Commonwealth Tour of 53-54:

The King George VI Stakes Race:

Portrait of Winston Churchill:

Margaret and Peter Townsend Separate:


Dust021: Girls Gone Music!

Back at the end of His Dark Materials Series 2, Matt and Holly talked with Elia and Chloe from Girls Gone Cannon about the music of the television series by Lorne Balfe. Previously it was a Girls Gone Canon patreon exclusive, but now they have released it for us to share with you. Thanks to Elia and Chloe for having us, and support their patreon by going to


Dust013B: His Dark Materials S2E01 2nd Look

Matt flies solo in this Second Look at His Dark Materials S2E01 “The City of Magpies”, going through your feedback, and offering corrections, additional thoughts, and more music analysis!

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LOVECRAFT COUNTRY: Shoggoth Surprise: episode 7: “I am.”

Matt and Catfish take a trip (or just trip) in other worlds as they discuss HBO’s Lovecraft Country S1E07 “I Am.”. They share your feedback and the results of their polls, give their episode ratings, three word descriptions and talk about some music selections as well. You’ll know what they think about the episode, but they want to know what you think too! Tweet @DoublePHQ, comment on FB at, or comment on the Youtube presentations (search for Double P Media). Written reviews on podcast apps, as well as  feedback using #ShoggothSurprise gets you entered in a contest to win a Cthulhu Funko Pop doll from the podcast! The spoken word used in “I Am.” can be found at this youtube link:



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