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BB017: The Witcher S2E05-08

“T” – the artist(???) formerly known as Coach, joins Matt to discuss Netflix’s The Witcher S2E05-08.

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Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Intro and Spoiler Alert
00:01:12 – Welcome, Podcast Housekeeping, and Introductions
00:06:37 – Episode Metrics (Rating the Witcher S2E05-08)
00:12:42 – Best Beasts (That’s a Double B!)
00:22:12 – S2E05 discussion (Blah Blah Blah)
00:34:54 – S2E06 discussion (Blah Blah Blah)
00:46:17 – S2E07 discussion (Blah Blah Blah)
00:58:22 – S2E08 discussion (Blah Blah Blah)
01:04:40 – Feedback
01:13:55 – Wrap up, Podcast Information, and Goodbyes!


BBXXX: LotR Rings of Power Teaser Trailer Review Announcement

“T” – the artist(???) formerly known as Coach, makes an announcement that before the podcast releases our Witcher S2E05-08 review we will be releasing a review of the Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power teaser trailer, that will be aired during the Super Bowl, sometime next week (either Thursday February 17th or Friday February 18th)! We will release our Witcher review about a week to ten days later. If you have any comments feel free to tweet @BustBlockbuster on twitter or send emails to – and don’t forget that Bustin’ Blockbusters is a part of Double P Media! Tweet the Double P @DoublePHQ, join the Facebook page ( and subscribe to their YouTube ( today! Please subscribe, rate and review this podcast wherever you get your content!


BB015: The Witcher S2E01-04

Matt covers the first half of Season 2 of “The Witcher” on Netflix, is joined by a special guest to rank the best beasts from covered episodes, and asks some overly serious “What’s Worse” questions. Remember to tweet your feedback to the podcast, vote on the polls, and follow the podcast all @Bustblockbuster on twitter, send emails to or leave comments on the Double P Media YouTube at (subscribe today). Lots of big things are coming in the near future for the Double P so be sure to follow the network @DoublePHQ on twitter and Instagram, like their Facebook page at, and subscribe to the previously plugged (a double P!) YouTube channel.

00:00:00 – Spoiler Alert and Introduction

00:01:15 – Welcome (in reverse)

00:03:30 – What’s Happening on Double P Media

00:08:26 – Rating The Witcher S2E01-04

00:12:58 – Best Beast

00:26:10 – S2E01 Discussion

00:38:38 – S2E02 Discussion

00:51:06 – S2E03 Discussion

01:01:00 – S2E04 Discussion

01:10:13 – What’s Worse?

01:12:30 – Wrap Up