Lilibet008: The Crown S4E06-10

Holly (@huntpants), Bubba (@fittentrim) and Matt (@lilibetpod) do some podcast marriage counseling as they discuss S4E06 through S4E10 of The Crown on Netflix. News is shared, games are played, and power outages happen! You’ll hear what they think, but, more importantly, we want to know what YOU think! Tweet @DoublePHQ , comment on or on our videos ( to share what you think of the episodes discussed, and vote on the polls by checking out @Lilibetpod on twitter. #TheCrown We’ll be back when Season 5 of the show is released!

Show Notes Links:

Katherine and Nerissa Bowes-Lyon

Derek “Dazzle” Jennings

Purdy performing “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You”

Comparing Claire Foy’s performance to the real Queen Elizabeth’s speech

Philip and Diana’s “rocky” Relationship (a double R!)

Bob Hawke’s interview before being elected Prime Minister of Australia &

Princess Margaret Lung Surgery

Commonwealth meeting in the Bahamas and Economic Sanctions

Diana’s Birthday Dance for Charles

Sunday Times article about Elizabeth and Thatcher

Diana and James Hewitt

Charles’ Near Miss in the Avalanche –

Diana visits Harlem

Thatcher resigns as Prime Minister

Margaret Thatcher Awarded the Order of Merit


Lilibet007: The Crown S4E01-05

Stephanie (@SMpersephone on twitter) joins Bubba (@Fittentrim) and Matt (@Lilibetpod) as they wonder if leaving a window open at night is a good idea, as they go through S4E01 through S4E05 of “The Crown” on Netflix. You’ll hear what they think, as well as Matt implying way too often that you’ve been on his lawn for too long. More importantly, we want to know what YOU think!

Tweet @DoublePHQ (same on Instagram), comment on the Facebook page (, or on our videos ( to share what you think of the episodes discussed, and vote on the polls by checking out @Lilibetpod on twitter.

The presentation of Disney’s “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” from the movie Cinderella comes courtesy of the estates of Mack David, Al Hoffman and Jerry Livingston, and courtesy of the Walt Disney corporation. No copyright infringement is intended.

Show Notes:

The Crown makes even MORE bleep up in Season 4:

Gillian Anderson and Peter Morgan:

The Fake Phone Call (a double F? No?) and letter:

Rachel Dickenz blog on Verdi:

Anne’s affair with Sgt Cross:

“Bloody Sunday” Massacre:

Anne the Olympian:

Margaret Thatcher elected:

Lord Mountbatten assassination:

Charles and Diana interview:

Charles and Diana’s wedding:

Thatcher fires 3 cabinet members –

Mark Thatcher goes wondering:

Edward was a head boy his last semester:

About Andrew and the military:

About Andrew and The Actress:

The War in the Falkland Islands:

Michael Fagan:

Susan’s YouTube Documentary Suggestion regarding Wallis:


Lilibet006: The Crown S3E06-10

Holly (@huntpants on twitter), Bubba (@Fittentrim) and Matt (@Lilibetpod) calculate formulas as they parse through S3E06 through S3E10 of “The Crown” on Netflix. Sneezing and Snafu’s (a double S) make so just about every listener can find a way to alienate the podcast as you’ll find out what we think about these episodes. More importantly, we want to know what YOU think! Tweet @DoublePHQ (same on instagram), comment on the facebook page (, or on our videos (Http:// to share what you think of the episodes discussed, and vote on the polls by checking out @Lilibetpod on twitter.

The parody songs in this podcast include Matt’s parody of Chickenmilk’s “That’s Just My Baby Doge”, and Bubba and Holly’s renditions of Vincent Ford’s “No Woman No Cry”, famously performed by Bob Marley and the Wailers. No copyright infringement is intended.

Here are your historical links, as promised:

Prince Charles and Soft Boiled Eggs!

Harold Wilson and Alzheimers

Robin Woods &

Prince Charles’ investiture & speech to Wales Translation: &

Apollo 11 

The death of Princess Alice

Prince Charles’ Military Service

The Japanese Emperor visits David and Wallis –

Coal miners’ strikes of 72 and 74 – 

Duke of Windsor dies

Camilla Shand and Andrew Parker-Bowles marry

The Margaret Paparazzi Pictures

The Silver Jubilee Parade and Walkabout

Martin Phipps on PRS for Music – 


Lilibet005: The Crown S3E01-05

Holly (@huntpants on twitter), Bubba (@Fittentrim) and Matt (@Lilibetpod) dive into the 3rd season, and the new cast of The Crown on Netflix! Art Agents, Nun Nanas, and Terrible Tragedies are discussed, games are played, music is parsed, polls are taken, and more!

You’ll know what we think, but we want to know what YOU think! Tweet @DoublePHQ (same on Instagram), comment on the Facebook page (, or on our videos (Http:// to share what you think of the episodes discussed, and vote on the polls by checking out @Lilibetpod on twitter.

Special thanks to Hoomie ( and Decoy Beats ( for their loops in the opening number.

History Links include:

Anthony Blount:

Winston Churchill’s final days:

Margaret’s US Visit:

The Aberfan Disaster

The Royal Family Documentary

Philip’s Meet the Press interview

The Queen’s Horseracing Trip to the US 


Lilibet004: The Crown S2E06-10

Matt (@lilibetpod on twitter), Holly (@huntpants), and Bubba (@fittentrim) are joined by special guest Queen Stephanie (@smpersephone) to talk about S2E06 through S2E10 of The Crown on Netflix. Games are played and bad doubles are made! Music and marriages round out this discussion. Plus they go through the polls and your feedback!

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Music credits – TAJ parody based on Rodgers’ and Hammerstein’s “My Favorite Things”, and “Loser” game show sound used is composed by Edward Woodley Kalehoff Jr. No copyright infringement intended. All other music created by Matt using Sonar X3 Producer.

Show Notes:

Garden Party (Susan’s email): Gordonstoun:
Marburg Files:

Nkrumah’s Fox Trot:
Prorfumo scandal: 


Lilibet003: The Crown S2E01-05

The Duke of Edinburgh walks along a slippery slope (a Double S), Princess Margaret becomes a submissive subject (another Double S), and the Queen makes a scandalous speech (yet another Double S). Holly, Bubba, and Matt break it all down for you in this edition of Podcast Lilibet. They play games, look at characters and the actual history of the events, talk music, and look deep into the first half of the second season of #TheCrown on Netflix.
Special thanks to NewNation ( and UnderTheImpression ( for helping Matt to create the opening number.

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Show notes for this podcast:

Suez Canal Crisis

The XVI Olympiad of the modern era :

Antony Eden Resigns the PM position:

Philip becomes prince:

Lord Altricham’s Critiques:

First Televised Christmas Message:

Margaret and Antony Armstrong Jones:


Lilibet001: The Crown S1E01-05

Welcome back to Podcast Lilibet, dedicated to the series The Crown on Netflix! Your hosts Holly (@huntpants on twitter) Bubba (@fittentrim on twitter) and Matt (@LilibetPod on twitter) look at the first five episodes of Season 1 of the show. They play games, discuss the main characters and plots of the first five episodes, and take a look at the music of Rupert Gregson-Williams too!

If you have feedback for the show tweet to @libetpod or tweet to (and follow) @DoublePHQ on twitter and Instagram, like the Facebook page at or comment on the YouTube videos by searching for Double P Media to find the channel, and subscribe! #TheCrown #TheCrownNetflix


Lilibet001: The Crown – A Podcast Introduction

Welcome to Podcast Lilibet! This is a new podcast dedicated to “The Crown” on Netflix. Matt Murdick (one of your hosts) introduces himself, gives you the plan for the podcast, and gives you a musical analysis of the Main theme for the show by Hans Zimmer.

We want YOU to talk to us about the show! Find Podcast Lilibet on twitter @Lilibetpod, send emails to, leave voicemails by calling 314.269.0421 and find all podcast app links at – You can find the Purcell piece referenced for the Zimmer Main Theme of “The Crown” here on youtube:

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Music analysis is not available on YouTube. All music reviewed in this podcast was composed/created by Hans Zimmer, Rupert Gregson-Williams, Lorne Balfe, and Martin Phipps. The music is owned by the previously mentioned artists and Netflix, and no copyright infringement is intended. Podcast theme is an arrangement by Matt Murdick of Rupert Gregson-Williams’ “Duck Shoot” from Season 1, and no copyright infringement intended.