LOVECRAFT COUNTRY: Shoggoth Surprise: episode 6: “Meet Me in Daegu”

Welcome to Shoggoth Surprise as we talk the Foxy Lady in #LovecraftCountry! In this episode Matt tries to convince Catfish that finding the humanity within the monster makes for a beautiful episode, while Catfish tries to convince Matt that death by Foxtails beats death by pliers EVERY SINGLE TIME! Plus they go over your feedback for S1E05, and S1E06 “Meet Me in Daegu” of HBO’s Lovecraft Country. If you have thoughts about the series, or a three word description for the episode, or a favorite music cut, feel free to contract the podcast, by tweeting @DoublePHQ, commenting on youtube videos by searching for Double P Media, or by liking and commenting at the Facebook page found at – Please subscribe, follow, rate, and leave written reviews for the podcast, wherever you get your content! The spoken word of Judy Garland discussed can be found at: or at


LOVECRAFT COUNTRY: Shoggoth Surprise: episode 5: “Strange Case”

Matt and Catfish bathe in bad calls from last week, and review HBO’s Lovecraft Country S1E05 “Strange Case”! This podcast is lovingly dedicated to perhaps the nicest person on Twitter – @Patman23 ! The hosts field your feedback, offer three word descriptions and their favorite cuts in the episode, and decide what’s worse. Special thanks to AMProds and FXJ on for helping to create the “Because You Wrong” rap by “Mattfish” that’s sure to be as huge of a success as their ability to reason out what’s going on in the episode. Speaking of calling Matt and Catfish out, send tweets to @DoublePHQ, comment on videos on Youtube by searching for “Double P Media”, and follow and participate at the Facebook page at Please leave written reviews in whatever podcast app you use to get Shoggoth Surprise! Don’t forget that reviews, and tweets with #ShoggothSurprise are entered to win a #LovecraftCountry Cthulhu Funko Pop at the end of the season!


LOVECRAFT COUNTRY: Shoggoth Surprise: episode 4: “A History of Violence”

Matt and Catfish go for a leisurely swim with Indiana Jones gear in tow, as they discuss this week’s episode of HBO’s #LovecraftCountry “A History of Violence”. They also cover your feedback from last week regarding the appearance of Bubba, the disappearance of Bubba, oh, and the episode “Holy Ghost” too! You’ll hear what we think about this fourth installment, but we want to know what you thought of Lovecraft Country S1E04 “A History of Violence” too! Tweet @DoublePHQ, or go to our facebook page at to give us your insights, three word descriptions, and needle drops of the week!


LOVECRAFT COUNTRY: Shoggoth Surprise: episode 3 “Holy Ghost”

2 hours of talk on HBO’s LOVECRAFT COUNTRY! Bubba joins the crew to discuss Karl Malone, mortgages, and sexy bathroom breaks as Matt and Catfish take an elevator ride with their dried cups face up! You’ll hear what we think, but we want to know what you thought of #LovecraftCountry S1E03 “Holy Ghost”! Tweet @DoublePHQ, or go to our facebook page at to give us your insights, three word descriptions, and needle drops of the week! Music analysis sections are exclusive to audio podcasts, but also find the rest of the podcast on YouTube at

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Shoggoth Surprise: Lovecraft Country S1E02 “Whitey’s on the Moon”

Welcome back to Shoggoth Surprise, your 59th favorite podcast covering HBO’s Lovecraft Country! In this episode Matt gets a little too excited about the show for anyone’s taste, and both he and Catfish praise the pacing and story of the show. They also give their three word descriptions, their “No Shoggoth Sherlock” moments, and their “Drop the Needle” music aural favorites of the episode! You can send us your thoughts on the show as well! Tweet to @DoublePHQ, @musicalconcepts, or @cjgman67, and use the hashtag #ShoggothSurprise to be included in a contest to win a Funko Pop Cthulhu figure! Wherever you are getting this podcast, please subscribe or follow, and if you leave a written review you are also entered in the contest!! Find Double P on youtube at and on Facebook at


Lovecraft Country: Shoggoth Surprise : episode 1 “Sundown”

Matt joins Catfish on Double P’s Shoggoth Surprise, covering HBO’s Lovecraft Country. Here’s the notes!

“Welcome to the first ever Lovecraft Country: Shoggoth Surprise Podcast! This is the one where Catfish has to explain everything about HBO’s Lovecraft Country to Matt, where they discuss Lovecraft Country episode 1 “Sundown”. What are you thinking about Lovecraft country so far? Send your tweets to @DoublePHQ, @cjgman67, or @musicalconvepts on twitter and use the hashtag #ShoggothSurprise and you’ll be entered to win a Cthulhu FunkPop from Catfish! You can also enter by leaving a written review wherever you get your podcasts, or by leaving comments on the facebook page .”