Lilibet018: The Crown Music S5E07 to S5E10

Matt wraps up the Season 5 coverage of The Crown with a look at the music from S5E07 to S5E10. Contact us via tweet (@lilibetpod or @doublephq), email ( or by leaving comments on the web posts ( or the Double P Media YT videos (

00:00:00 – Spoiler Alert, Intro, and Pod Info (especially for our contest winners)
00:03:17 – Musical Analysis: The things Phipps Didn’t Compose
00:05:04 – Musical Analysis: Themes in S5E07
00:12:06 – Musical Analysis: Themes in S5E08
00:17:43 – Musical Analysis: Themes in S5E09
00:19:28 – Musical Analysis: Themes in S5E10
00:24:46 – What’s Coming on Double P Media

Download Mp3 (right click “save as”)

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