Lilibet017: The Crown Season 5 Wrap Up and Contest

Susan, Bubba, and Matt breakdown “Decommissioned”, the Season 5 finale of The Crown on Netflix, reflect on the season, set their eyes on the final season, go through some feedback, and give away prizes for our listener contest! If you are one of our contest winners please send us your shipping information by sending that information to!

We still want to hear from you! Matt will be doing his final musical analysis cast for the season in a couple of weeks, so get in any final thoughts you have regarding season 5 by February 18th, 2023 to have it included in that podcast episode. How? Tweet to @lilibetpod or @DoublePHQ (use that for Instagram and hive too), leave comments on web posts at, or the Double P Facebook (, send emails to, or comment on the YouTube videos at (subscribe and get notifications while you’re there so that you don’t miss out on any of the other great Double P podcasts)! We, of course, want to thank each and all of you for listening to/watching us this season and submitting great feedback!

Some music and sounds used in this podcast are licensed to Matt though Artist IO ( and licenses held are stored in a publicly shared Google Folder found at

Susan’s Citations:
Elle magazine article –
The Daily Mail Article –

History Notes Citations:
Tony Blair –
Hong Kong –
The Royal Yacht –

Reflection Citations:
Helena Bonham Carter –
Season 6 Info –

Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Introduction
00:01:28 – Rating S5E10 “Decommissioned”
00:06:26 – Contest Conversation (A Double C!)
00:08:00 – S5E10 “Decommissioned” 64 Second Recap
00:09:10 – More Contest Talk
00:10:29 – Tiny Wheel of Topics: Susan Mores More Than You Do
00:24:27 – Tiny Wheel of Topics: Prime Ministers
00:27:58 – Tiny Wheel of Topics: Mou Mou, Dodi, and Diana
00:36:03 – Contest Part 1!
00:39:21 – Tiny Wheel of Topics: The Boat Metaphor
00:49:02 – Contest Part 2!
00:51:53 – Tiny Wheel of Topics: Charles
00:58:49 – Parliamentary Debate: Is Elizabeth Out Of Touch?
01:02:02 – History Notes for S5E10 “Decommissioned”
01:03:56 – Season 5 As A Whole and Season 6 Speculation
01:19:39 – Contest Part 3!
01:22:54 – Feedback!
01:27:53 – Wrap Up

Download Mp3 (right click “Save As”)

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