Lilibet016: The Crown S5E07-09 Part 2 – Judge Wigs

Matt is joined by Boss Bubba and Sovereign Susan to discuss Netflix’s The Crown S5E07-09 in two parts, this being part two (find part one in the previous episode). We have prizes to give away to listeners who submit feedback! Leaving a written review on a podcast app, or submitting your feedback regarding any episodes of The Crown, or feedback on the podcast, before February 7, 2023, enters you into the contest! Tweet @Lilibetpod or @DoublePHQ, send emails to, leave comments on web posts at, on our YouTube videos at, or on the Double P Facebook at

Some music and sounds used in this podcast are licensed by Matt though Artist IO ( and licenses held are stored in a publicly shared Google Folder found at

History Notes Citations for S5E08:
Marmaduke Hussey:,_Baron_Hussey_of_North_Bradley
John Birt:
The Royal Charter: and
Guy Fawkes Day/Night:
Royal Variety Performances:
Panorama Interview:

History Notes Citations for S5E09:
Divorce Details:
John Major:
Mark Bolland:

Susan’s Citations:
The Crown Cast in Elle Magazine:
Things in Season 5 the actual Royals might take offense to:

Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Opening Questions, Intro and Spoiler Alert
00:01:25 – Tiny Wheel of Topics S5E08: What about William?
00:05:02 – Parliamentary Debate: Should the interview have been done?
00:10:08 – History Notes For S5E08 “Gunpowder”
00:12:31 – Contest, Podcast Information, and YOUR Feedback
00:23:35 – S5E09 “Couple 31” 64 Second Recap
00:25:09 – Tiny Wheel of Topics S5E09: What Money Settlement is Just?
00:32:15 – Tiny Wheel of Topics S5E09: Mark Bolland
00:36:48 – Tiny Wheel of Topics S5E09: Does S5E09 Remind You of When Harry Met Sally?
00:45:45 – Parliamentary Debate: What’s worse for a judge in divorce court?
00:50:19 – History Notes For S5E09 “Couple 31”
00:32:06 – Final Thoughts/Wrap Up

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