Lilibet012: The Crown S5E01-03 Review

Matt is joined by Bubba to discuss The Crown S5E01-03 “Queen Victoria Syndrome”, “The System”, and “Mou Mou”. We want your feedback! Why? So we can enter you into a contest to win all kinds of cool Crown oriented stuff! Tweet @LilibetPod, Hive or Mastodon MattsAudioblog, email, comment at, or on the Double P Media YouTube videos at (subscribe while there!). Follow DoublePHQ on twitter, hive, and join the FB page:!

Some sounds and music in this podcast are licensed to Matt via Artist IO ( and a publicly shared Google Folder of all licenses held is available for viewing at

Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Intro and Spoiler Alert
00:01:34 – Rating The Crown S5E01-03
00:05:52 – Podcast Info and Our Contest for Season 5! 
00:08:25 – S5E01 “Queen Victoria Syndrome” 64 Second Recap
00:09:34 – Tiny Wheel of Topics: Charles
00:17:25 – Tiny Wheel of Topics: Prime Minster Plays Babysitter
00:19:58 – Tiny Wheel of Topics: Queen Victoria Syndrome
00:25:08 – Tiny Wheel of Topics: Queen Elizabeth 1.0
00:26:37 – Parliamentary Debate Topic: Fix the Boat or Not?
00:30:44 – History Notes (and Corrections) for S5E01
00:33:12 – S5E02 “The System” 64 Second Recap
00:34:20 – Tiny Wheel of Topics: What’s With The Bird? (and Jonathan Pryce)
00:39:47 – Tiny Wheel of Topics: MORE Philip!
00:43:37 – Diana
00:49:45 – Parliamentary Debate Topic: Was Diana Doomed, and “To Publish or Not to Publish”
00:55:17 – History Notes (and Corrections) for S5E02 
00:57:19 – Feedback
01:02:45 – S5E03 “Mou Mou” 64 Second Recap
01:03:51 – Tiny Wheel of Topics: Mou Mou and Sydney 
01:09:00 – Tiny Wheel of Topics: Sydney Johnson – Valet to the King
01:12:04 – Tiny Wheel of Topics: David and Wallis
01:15:35 – Tiny Wheel of Topics: Mou Mou and Royalty, and Dodi
01:20:45 – Parliamentary Debate Topic: Buy Harrods or Windsor Estate to Impress the Queen?
01:23:50 – History Notes (and Corrections) for S5E03
01:26:35 – Final Thoughts

Citations for S5E01 History:

Citations for S5E02 History:,Countess_Mountbatten_of_Burma

Citations for S5E03 History:

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