Dust037: His Dark Materials S3E05-06 Music Analysis

Matt explores a lot of the music from His Dark Materials S3E05 and S3E06! We want your feedback! So much so that we’re giving away 2 HDM Funko pops in the Series Finale Podcast! Send your thoughts or 3 word descriptions regarding any Season 3 episodes to us by Noon Pacific Time on Wednesday December 28,2022 and you are entered! Tweet @thedustpodcast, email mattsaudioblog@gmail.com, hive or mastodon MattsAudioblog, comment on the web site mattsaudioblog.com, or comment on the YouTube videos on the Double P Media channel! Speaking of which, follow our bosses on Twitter, Hive, and Instagram @DoublePHQ, checkout their Facebook page at facebook.com/DoublePHQ, and be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel at youtube.com/c/DoublePMedia!

Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Spoiler Alert, Intro, Pod Info, and Contest!
00:05:32 – Music Analysis: A Loss for Lake Lubana (A Triple L) – Ruta Skadi Theme
00:09:19 – Music Analysis: Mary Malone Music (a Triple M!)
00:15:41 – Music Analysis: Magisterium Music (a Double M!)
00:22:27 – Music Analysis: Lee Scoresby and Jopari
00:29:00 – Music Analysis: Lyra’s Themes (Prophecy and Adventure)
00:33:00 – Music Analysis: Main Theme and Mrs Coulter Theme

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