Dust036: His Dark Materials S3E03-04 Extra Music Analysis

Matt further discusses the music in S3E03 ““The Intention Craft” and S3E04 “Lyra and her Death”. We want you to win our listener contest! Enter by submitting your feedback to the podcast! Tweet @thedustpodcast, email mattsaudioblog@gmail.com, Hive or Mastodon MattsAudioblog, comment on the web site mattsaudioblog.com, or comment on the YouTube videos on the Double P Media YT channel! Speaking of which, follow our bosses on Twitter, Hive, and Instagram @DoublePHQ, checkout their Facebook page at facebook.com/DoublePHQ, and be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel at youtube.com/c/DoublePMedia!

Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Spoiler Alert, Intro, and Contest!
00:06:42 – Music Analysis – Lord Roke
00:12:44 – Music Analysis – The Boatman
00:17:15 – Music Analysis – “Getting” The Knife
00:21:01 – Music Analysis – Mary Malone in Disguise
00:28:27 – Wrap Up

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