BB048: Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power S1E08

Matt is joined by YouTuber PriscilaTV ( to discuss the season 1 finale of Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power “Alloyed”. They of course care what they think but they care what YOU thought of the episode and the season MORE, so please tweet your thoughts to @bustblockbuster or to @DoublePHQ, send emails to, leave comments at the website ( or the Facebook (, or the YouTube videos at (SUBSCRIBE THERE – Bubba’s financing for furniture in his fourth mansion absolutely DEPENDS ON YOU AND YOUR SUBSCRIPTION!).

Also subscribe to Priscila’s YouTube channel (because she has a mansion to get furniture for too)! Some sounds heard in today’s podcast were licensed to Matt through Artist IO ( and all applicable licenses can be viewed in a publicly shared Google Folder:

Time Stamps (in case you want to “SKIP AHEAD”):
00:00:00 – Pressing Questions Introduction and general impressions.
00:02:39 – Priscila knows more than Matt (are we surprised by that at all?)
00:04:16 – Episode Rating, Gandalf Guessing (a double G!), and Musical Marks (another Double)!
00:18:16 – Episode Recap and Discussion: Numenor
00:29:01 – Episode Recap and Discussion: The StrangeRON and Harfoots
00:43:00 – What’s Worse? (Round 1)
00:52:48 – Episode Recap and Discussion: The Elves and Hal-RON.
01:14:57 – the Double G (Gil Galad) take!
01:19:27 – The Nampat Prize (best death of Season 1)
01:22:43 – What’s Worse? (Round 2)
01:29:36 – Feedback/Poll Results (El-rin-isa it IS!)
01:32:21 – Thanks to Priscila and other Podcast Info

Download Mp3 (right click, “save as”)

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