B4TD052: House of the Dragon S1E06 – Likely Lord Larys

In this Part 1 of the panel cast, Matt is joined by Susan, Holly, and John (Sneh) to discuss all things House of the Dragon S1E06 “The Princess and the Queen”. We want your feedback! Tweet @b4thedragonpod, email mattsaudioblog@gmail.com, comment on our website posts (mattsaudioblog.com) or on our YouTube videos (search for “Before the Dragon Podcast”, and subscribe)! Some sounds and music (specifically “The Abyss” by Leva in this episode) are licensed through Artis IO (https://artlist.io/).Proof of all licenses are found in a publicly shared Google Folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1to5jB5pXtiovOSAkrsaDRaReQQX9TfON?usp=sharing

Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Spoiler Alert and Intro
00:00:49 – Who’s the new most hateable character in HotD?
00:01:45 – Welcome and Ratings for S1E06
00:08:48 – Music Analysis: An Old Theme recharacterized and a theme for Likely Lord Larys?
00:22:18 – Tiny Wheel of Topics: The intro IS changing! (Does anyone care?)
00:28:03 – Tiny Wheel of Topics: New Faces/Same Old Characters!
00:42:39 – Tiny Wheel of Topics: Likely Lord Larys Strong
00:54:04 – Tiny Wheel of Topics: A Dragon Rider’s Death. Laena and Vhagar (and Daemon…Larys?)
01:15:11 – Tiny Wheel of Topics: Ser Harwin Break-Cartilage Strong and Ser Criston Cartilage
01:24:21 – Enter Our Contest (and all 5 Scenes “from a Westerosi Movie”)

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