B4TD048: House of the Dragon S1E05 Initial Reaction

Matt gives his initial reaction to House of the Dragon S1E05! He wants to know YOUR reaction! Send your 3 word descriptions, best couplings, and show or podcast thoughts by tweeting @b4thedragonpod, emailing mattsaudioblog@gmail.com, or commenting on the website (mattsaudioblog.com) or the YouTube videos (search for “Before the Dragon Podcast).

Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Spoiler Alert and Intro
00:01:05 – Stat of the Episode
00:02:51 – Podcast Info
00:03:20 – Rating
00:03:46 – Tension in ALL Storylines!
00:05:03 – TWO Murders!
00:06:57 – Alicent (and Otto)
00:09:58 – Laenor’s Bad Day(s)!
00:11:19 – Rhaenyra Shares TOO little TOO late!
00:16:38 – Hats Off to Milly and Emily!!
00:21:00 – 3 Words, Brothelmates, and Seven Hellz Updates!
00:24:28 – Closing Thoughts

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