B4TD039: House of the Dragon S1E02 – Every Chicken In the Room

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In this Part 1, Matt and Susan pay their owed Seven Hellz punishments as the full panel discusses S1E02 of House of the Dragon, “The Rogue Prince”! Part 2 will come out in a few hours (7am EDT the following day).

We want your feedback regarding, 3 word descriptions, and best couplings of each and every episode! We also want you to listen to all of our 5 “Scenes from a Westerosi Movie” and submit your guesses for a chance to win some official House of the Dragon merchandise from the Warner Brothers store! How do you do that? You tweet to @b4thedragonpod, send emails to mattsaudioblog@gmail.com, or leave comments at the website (mattsaudioblog.com) or on oor YouTube videos (search for “Before the Dragon Podcast”, find us, like, and subscribe)!

Some sounds used in this podcast are licensed to Matt via Artist IO (https://artlist.io/) and all licenses can be seen in this publicly shared Google Folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1to5jB5pXtiovOSAkrsaDRaReQQX9TfON?usp=sharing

Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Spoiler Alert and Intro
00:02:19 – Episode Ratings
00:13:24 – Music Analysis
00:23:04 – Tiny Wheel Topic: The Intro that was Promised
00:33:11 – Tiny Wheel Topic: The OG “Break the Wheel”?
00:41:58 – Tiny Wheel Topic: Daem-ON or Daem-OFF? (again!)
00:47:08 – Tiny Wheel Topic: The Valyrian Focus
00:49:29 – Tiny Wheel Topic: The Eggstential Crisis
00:58:20 – Tiny Wheel Topic: Shrewd Parenthood (The proposed proposal of Laena)
01:13:27 – Scenes from a Westerosi Movie Contest Scene 2

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