BB041: LotR Rings of Power Preview w/ PriscilaTV

Matt is joined by his co-host, YouTuber PriscilaTV (no – not Coach T!) to talk all things Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power, including segments we will have, and some topics of discussion. Be sure to subscribe to PriscilaTV’s YT channel at:

As for this podcast, tweet to @bustblockbuster, send emails to, and visit! Don’t forget that Bustin’ Blockbusters is a part of the Double P. Tweet to Double P @doublePHQ, like and interact with their Facebook Page ( and be sure to subscribe to Double P Media’s YT channel at

This podcast uses sound effects licensed to Matt via Artist IO, including (for the Tiny Wheel of Topics sound) Building Toys Spinning A Popoid Wheel Slowing Down by Skyclad Sound. All licenses for music and sounds used are viewable in a publicly shared Google Folder:

Time Stamps:
00:00:00 – Loveboat of the Rings
00:00:45 – Welcome PriscilaTV who will help us cover Rings of Power!
00:04:08 – Podcast Information
00:05:35 – Bubba Bucks (that’s a Double B!)
00:06:36 – How we will cover Rings of Power!
00:10:26 – Introducing Reader’s Rampage (a Double R)
00:17:16 – Introducing Harfoot Haters (a Double H)
00:22:10 – “Rant” culture discussion
00:27:27 – Introducing the Tiny Wheel of Topics
00:28:51 – Tiny Wheel Topic: Hot Sauron, Yes or No?
00:36:26 – The Snubbing of Jackson
00:38:27 – Tiny Wheel Topic: Embracer acquires LotR rights from Saul Zaentz Company
00:43:26 – The First “First Age” Talk
00:47:12 – Are we okay with Embracer’s move?
00:52:43 – Wrapping it up – remember to subscribe to PriscilaTV! (

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