BBXXX: LotR Rings of Power Teaser Trailer Review Announcement

“T” – the artist(???) formerly known as Coach, makes an announcement that before the podcast releases our Witcher S2E05-08 review we will be releasing a review of the Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power teaser trailer, that will be aired during the Super Bowl, sometime next week (either Thursday February 17th or Friday February 18th)! We will release our Witcher review about a week to ten days later. If you have any comments feel free to tweet @BustBlockbuster on twitter or send emails to – and don’t forget that Bustin’ Blockbusters is a part of Double P Media! Tweet the Double P @DoublePHQ, join the Facebook page ( and subscribe to their YouTube ( today! Please subscribe, rate and review this podcast wherever you get your content!


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