BB014: Wheel of Time Feedback and Book Talk with TV Podcast Industries

Matt wraps up the Wheel of Time Season with your feedback and then nearly two hours of Wheel of Time Book Talk with Chris (@MrChris_Jones on twitter) and John (@jonnyrth on Twitter) of TV Podcast Industries ( and @TVpodIndustries on Twitter). .Remember to tweet your feedback to the podcast, vote on the polls, and follow the podcast all @Bustblockbuster on twitter, send emails to or leave comments on the Double P Media YouTube at (subscribe today). Lots of big things are coming in the near future for the Double P so be sure to follow the network @DoublePHQ on twitter and instagram, like their Facebook page at, and subscribe to the previously plugged (a double P!) YouTube channel.

Time Stamps:

00:00:00 – Spoiler Alert S1E07 and S1E07 and Books!

00:00:59 – Introductions.

00:03:59 – Podcast Information.

00:05:46 – Feedback.

00:12:15 – What’s Coming this Year for Bustin’ Blockbusters!

00:13:57 – Book Reader Discussion with John and Chris from TV Podcast Industries!

01:45:22 – Season 2 Casting Discussion

02:00:43 – Wrap Up, TV Podcast Industries Information, and Goodbyes!


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