BB013: The Wheel of Time S1E08 and Contest Winner!

Matt and Bubba look at both Dragons and the tidal wave of mayhem that was S1E08 “The Eye of the World”, on Amazon Prime, and draw the winner of the official Amazon Wheel of Time Apparel prize! (Congratulations Nicole!) They decide who hates Rand the most once and for all (spoiler alert, nobody hates Rand more than Matt), breakdown the episode, play “what’s worse”, field your feedback (a Double F!) and do a little music analysis as well!

There will be one more hybrid feedback/book reader cast for the Wheel of Time forthcoming, so keep telling us what you thought of the Season finale of the show so that we can share your thoughts with all of our listeners! Tweet @Bustblockbuster or @DoublePHQ on twitter, send emails to, or leave comments on the YouTube Videos, found at!

Thanks for subscribing, listening, downloading, rating and reviewing wherever you get our sounds.

Time Stamps: 00:00:00 – Spoiler Alert. 00:00:16 – This is SPAWN CENTER! 00:06:09 – Happy Holidays and Introductions. 00:09:04 – Contest Winner Announcement! 00:09:42 – Episode Ratings. 00:20:35 – Rand Haters! 00:23:36 – Episode Discussion of Flashback. 00:29:52 – Episode Discussion of Fal Dara. 00:53:46 – Episode Discussion of The Blight, 01:11:49 – Episode Discussion of The Western Shore, 01:15:23 – What’s Worse? 01:18:48 – Feedback, 01:26:39 – Bustin’ Balfe (Music Analysis), 01:33:52 – Listen to Parsec Passion Podcast for the Book of Boba Fett (and goodbyes)! 01:36:55 – Happy New Years and Thanks!


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