BB011: The Wheel of Time S1E04-06 from a Bookreader’s Perspective

Spoiler alert – events from the Wheel of Time Books will be referenced in this cast that may spoil TV only viewers – if you udon’t want to be spoiled then wait for our next TV friendly review to come out. You’ve been warned! Otherwise Matt looks at S1E04-06 with some book reader thoughts. .Remember to tweet your feedback the podcast, vote on the polls, and follow the podcast all @Bustblockbuster on twitter, send emails to or leave comments on the Double P Media YouTube at (subscribe today). Lots of big things coming in the near future for the Double P so be sure to follow the network @DoublePHQ on twitter and instagram, like their Facebook page at, and subscribe to the previously plugged (a double P!) YouTube channel. Send @bustblockbuster a screenshot of you being subscribed to ANY Double P podcast and you’ll be entered into a contest with a chance to win an officially licensed Amazon Wheel of Time t-shirt, courtesy of the podcast!


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