BB007: Wheel of Time Book Biased Babble (a TRIPLE B!)

Matt does some Book Bias Babbling (a triple B) regarding the Wheel of TIme S1E01-S1E03. Don’t forget our discord server, where on Saturdays at 2pm Central, you can talk to Matt in person about the most recent episode of The Wheel of Time. Look at the pinned tweet atop the @BustBlockbuster twitter, join the server then chime in on Saturdays! You can always tweet Matt (@BustBlockbuster) or send emails to or leave comments on the YouTube presentations. Speaking of which Bustin Blockbusters is part of Double P Media, which you can follow on twitter and insta at @DoublePHQ, on facebook at, or on youtube at – find all episodes of this podcast at or, and find all info about Double P Media at


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