BB006: The Wheel of Time S1E02 and S1E03

Matt will have a special book reader episode out later this week, but in the meantime it’s him and Bubba with TV-Only talk for episodes S1E02 “Shadow’s Waiting” and S1E03 “A Place of Safety”. There’s episode ratings and discussion, silly games, feedback, and music analysis in store for you this episode! We really want to hear from you too! Tweet to @BustBlockbuster or @DoublePHQ on twitter, send emails to, leave comments on the YouTube presentations (found at, or go to to find all back episodes and leave comments there. Subscribe, rate and review. If you send Matt a screenshot of you being subscribed to ANY Double P Media property (Double P Podcast, Parsec Passion Podcast , The Dust, The Joffrey of Podcasts, Double P Media YouTube Channel, etc) you will be entered to win… something … cool Wheel of Time related at the end of the Wheel of Time Season! . The rendition of Lorne Balfe’s “Al’Dival (For The Light)” is arranged and performed by Matt. No copyright infringement is intended.



00:00:00 – Spoiler Alert.

00: 00:16 – SPAWN CENTER update.

00:03:09 – Welcome.

00:05:10 – Episode Ratings.

00:12:20 – Rand Haters.

00:16:28 – Episode Discussion (Blah Blah Blah).

01:20:22 – What’s Worse.

01:25:27- Polls and Feedback.

01:32:30 – Music Analysis.

01:41:41 – Goodbyes.

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