BB005: The Wheel of Time -S1E01 “Leavetaking”

Apologies to Book Readers, a promised book reader only section was promised, but inclusion of the section kept crashing the file. A special episode will be released in the near future with book reader thoughts for all three of the releases from Friday November 19th.

In the meantime Matt and Bubba review S101 of The Wheel of Time titled “Leavetaking”. They recap and “Bust” down the episode, as well as play some silly games, review your feedback, and Matt offers music analysis on a theme that appeared frequently in the episode.

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The Hall and Oates parody song “Rand Haters” and the Bach style version of Lorne Balfe’s White Cloaks theme “Al’Dival (For the Light)” were arranged and performed by Matt. No copyright infringement is intended.


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