Lilibet007: The Crown S4E01-05

Stephanie (@SMpersephone on twitter) joins Bubba (@Fittentrim) and Matt (@Lilibetpod) as they wonder if leaving a window open at night is a good idea, as they go through S4E01 through S4E05 of “The Crown” on Netflix. You’ll hear what they think, as well as Matt implying way too often that you’ve been on his lawn for too long. More importantly, we want to know what YOU think!

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The presentation of Disney’s “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” from the movie Cinderella comes courtesy of the estates of Mack David, Al Hoffman and Jerry Livingston, and courtesy of the Walt Disney corporation. No copyright infringement is intended.

Show Notes:

The Crown makes even MORE bleep up in Season 4:

Gillian Anderson and Peter Morgan:

The Fake Phone Call (a double F? No?) and letter:

Rachel Dickenz blog on Verdi:

Anne’s affair with Sgt Cross:

“Bloody Sunday” Massacre:

Anne the Olympian:

Margaret Thatcher elected:

Lord Mountbatten assassination:

Charles and Diana interview:

Charles and Diana’s wedding:

Thatcher fires 3 cabinet members –

Mark Thatcher goes wondering:

Edward was a head boy his last semester:

About Andrew and the military:

About Andrew and The Actress:

The War in the Falkland Islands:

Michael Fagan:

Susan’s YouTube Documentary Suggestion regarding Wallis:


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