Lilibet006: The Crown S3E06-10

Holly (@huntpants on twitter), Bubba (@Fittentrim) and Matt (@Lilibetpod) calculate formulas as they parse through S3E06 through S3E10 of “The Crown” on Netflix. Sneezing and Snafu’s (a double S) make so just about every listener can find a way to alienate the podcast as you’ll find out what we think about these episodes. More importantly, we want to know what YOU think! Tweet @DoublePHQ (same on instagram), comment on the facebook page (, or on our videos (Http:// to share what you think of the episodes discussed, and vote on the polls by checking out @Lilibetpod on twitter.

The parody songs in this podcast include Matt’s parody of Chickenmilk’s “That’s Just My Baby Doge”, and Bubba and Holly’s renditions of Vincent Ford’s “No Woman No Cry”, famously performed by Bob Marley and the Wailers. No copyright infringement is intended.

Here are your historical links, as promised:

Prince Charles and Soft Boiled Eggs!

Harold Wilson and Alzheimers

Robin Woods &

Prince Charles’ investiture & speech to Wales Translation: &

Apollo 11 

The death of Princess Alice

Prince Charles’ Military Service

The Japanese Emperor visits David and Wallis –

Coal miners’ strikes of 72 and 74 – 

Duke of Windsor dies

Camilla Shand and Andrew Parker-Bowles marry

The Margaret Paparazzi Pictures

The Silver Jubilee Parade and Walkabout

Martin Phipps on PRS for Music – 


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