Lilibet004: The Crown S2E06-10

Matt (@lilibetpod on twitter), Holly (@huntpants), and Bubba (@fittentrim) are joined by special guest Queen Stephanie (@smpersephone) to talk about S2E06 through S2E10 of The Crown on Netflix. Games are played and bad doubles are made! Music and marriages round out this discussion. Plus they go through the polls and your feedback!

Submit your thoughts to @DoublePHQ on twitter and instagram, comment at the Facebook Page ( or comment on the Double P Media YouTube presentations ( or just search YT for Double P Media), and be sure to vote on the polls which originate on twitter: @lilibetpod!

Music credits – TAJ parody based on Rodgers’ and Hammerstein’s “My Favorite Things”, and “Loser” game show sound used is composed by Edward Woodley Kalehoff Jr. No copyright infringement intended. All other music created by Matt using Sonar X3 Producer.

Show Notes:

Garden Party (Susan’s email): Gordonstoun:
Marburg Files:

Nkrumah’s Fox Trot:
Prorfumo scandal: 


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