Lilibet002: The Crown S1E05-10

Sister Squabbles (a double S), Incantated Images (a Double I) and Dreadful Decisions (a double D) all await Holly (@huntpants on twitter), Bubba (@fittentrim on twitter), and Matt (@lilibetpod on twitter) as they discuss Netflix’s #TheCrown S1E06-10! They play games, look at characters and the actual history of the events, talk music, and look deep into the final half of the first season. If you have feedback for the podcast feel free to tweet to @lilibetpod on twitter, or, even better(!), follow @DoublePHQ on twitter/Instagram, Facebook,
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Show notes: King Edward’s Abdication papers: – Anthony Eden’s Gallbladder Saga:

Elizabeth’s Northern Ireland Tour: –

The Commonwealth Tour of 53-54:

The King George VI Stakes Race:

Portrait of Winston Churchill:

Margaret and Peter Townsend Separate:


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