Dust012: His Dark Materials Music Review and Preview

Welcome to The Dust! In this episode Matt reviews his criteria for examining music scores, gives a refresher on important themes composed by Lorne Balfe for His Dark Materials Season 1, and ponders what implications those themes might have in Season 2. Follow The Dust on twitter @thedustpodcast, send e-mails to dustpodcast@gmail.com, leave voicemails at 314.269.0421, and find all information at mattsaudioblog.com (please subscribe rate and review wherever you get this podcast!) The Dust is part of the Double P family of podcasts. Follow @DoublePHQ on twitter and instagram, like their page at facebook.com/DoublePHQ and subscribe to their videos by searching for “Double P Media” on YouTube. Music in this podcast is composed by Lorne Balfe. No copyright infringement intended.


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