LOVECRAFT COUNTRY: Shoggoth Surprise: episode 9: “Rewind 1921″

Matt plays with model planes to try to explain his nit picks, while Catfish tries to show Matt how to actually use words and make them make sense as they discuss #LovecraftCountry. They give their ratings, offer three word descriptions, a favorite music cut, and read your feedback! Speaking of which, please tweet any thoughts you have about the show or podcast to @DoublePHQ on twitter or hit them up at the Facebook page – Subscribe rate and review Shoggoth Surprise wherever you get your podcasts! the article in the LA times that Matt talks about in the YouTube friendly music section. We’ll be drawing a winner of the Cthulhu Funko Pop in next week’s episode. You can be entered to win by using #ShoggothSurprise with your feedback, leaving a written review on your podcast app, or leaving a comment on one of our YouTube Videos (search for Double P Media on youtube). We’re close to 1000 subscribers on Youtube, subscribe today! The article mentioned in the Music section sanctioned for Youtube from the LA Times can be found here: 


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