LOVECRAFT COUNTRY: Shoggoth Surprise: episode 10: “Full Circle”

Winner winner Shoggoth Diner!!! We draw for the Cthulhu Funko Pop. Not going to tell you who won. Not going to tell you where the drawing is in the podcast – that’s a SHOGGOTH SURPRISE.

Matt and Catfish summon their “fierce heart”(s) to talk honestly about the finale of Lovecraft Country on HBO. They go through your feedback too! Thanks for listening/watching Shoggoth Surprise, and for submitting feedback! Lots more DoubleP coming your way. Subscribe to Parsec Passion covering the Mandalorian, The Dust, covering His Dark Materials, and The Joffrey of Podcasts, covering James Hibberd’s books, wherever you get your podcasts! Subscribe, rate and review! Follow @DoublePHQ on twitter and insta, hit us up on Facebook and find the YouTubes at or search for “Double P Media”! See you next time on….!


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