LOVECRAFT COUNTRY: Shoggoth Surprise: episode 5: “Strange Case”

Matt and Catfish bathe in bad calls from last week, and review HBO’s Lovecraft Country S1E05 “Strange Case”! This podcast is lovingly dedicated to perhaps the nicest person on Twitter – @Patman23 ! The hosts field your feedback, offer three word descriptions and their favorite cuts in the episode, and decide what’s worse. Special thanks to AMProds and FXJ on for helping to create the “Because You Wrong” rap by “Mattfish” that’s sure to be as huge of a success as their ability to reason out what’s going on in the episode. Speaking of calling Matt and Catfish out, send tweets to @DoublePHQ, comment on videos on Youtube by searching for “Double P Media”, and follow and participate at the Facebook page at Please leave written reviews in whatever podcast app you use to get Shoggoth Surprise! Don’t forget that reviews, and tweets with #ShoggothSurprise are entered to win a #LovecraftCountry Cthulhu Funko Pop at the end of the season!


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