DD010: Penny Dreadful City of Angels S1E10 “Day of the Dead”

Matt and Catfish wrap up the season with their discussion of Penny Dreadful City of Angels S1E10 “Day of the Dead”. They also go through your feedback and awards for last week’s ep, and sneak in a few early submissions for this week’s episode. MOST IMPORTANTLY, they announce the CONTEST WINNERS!!! Thanks for participating and please contact them (if you haven’t already) to collect your prizes by sending an email to dreadfulpodcast@gmail.com

You can also STILL submit feedback for the season as a whole, or for any episode of the season (including episode 10) by tweeting to @dreadfulpod, calling 314.269.0421, emailing them, or leaving comments on the youtube videos or the blog, located at dreadfulpodcast.wordpress.com

Matt and Catfish will return for one last look at the MUSIC of PDCoA and to share your feedback with the rest of the listeners. Thanks for a great season of community surrounding this show!


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