DD008A: Initial Reaction to S1E08 of Penny Dreadful City of Angels “Hide and Seek”

While CATfish (and Mrs Catfish) are away – MOUSY Matt will play! He offers an Initial Reaction to Penny Dreadful City of Angels S1E08 “Hide and Seek”.

A podcast is coming later this week from Matt and Catfish, where they will go over your feedback, three words, Townsend, My Favorite Magda and Magda Cum Laude awards from both last week and this! Get your thoughts/submissions in by 5pm PDT June 15th, 2020 and we’ll include yours in the podcast recording, but you can submit anytime for next week’s recording!

Send tweets to @dreadfulpod, emails to dreadfulpodcast@gmail.com, leave a voicemail 314.269.0421, or comment on our youtube presentations! Find all contact information, youtube links, back episodes, and podcast app links (please leave written reviews to be included in a contest to win S1 of City of Angels ON US) at dreadfulpodcast.wordpress.com

Download Mp3

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