DD001B: S1E01 “Santa Muerte” of Penny Dreadful City of Angels

DoublePHQ’s Catfish does all the heavy lifting, and Matt mostly thinks about hot dog toppings and Max Factor Hollywood as they discuss the Penny Dreadful City of Angels premiere “Santa Muerte”. Matt puts down the sour kraut long enough to give you some music analysis of a motif for Magda found in the episode, he and Catfish play the “Three Words” game, and offer up nominations for their “Townsend”, “My Favorite Magda”. and “Magda Cum Laude” awards.

You can submit YOUR thoughts, three words, or nominations anytime to! Send them via email to dreadfulpodcast@gmail.com or tweet to @dreadfulpod with your thoughts! All back episodes, contact info, and feed links (please subscribe and leave a written review wherever you get your podcasts) can be found at dreadfulpodcast.wordpress.com

This podcast is part of Double P Podcasts! Follow them @DoublePHQ on twitter and instagram or go to facebook.com/DoublePHQ – also follow Catfish @cjgman67

Podcast theme is composed and owned by Matthew Murdick. Music from “Sante Muerte” is composed and owned by John Paesano – no copyright infringement intended.


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