Dust005a: His Dark Materials S1E05 “The Lost Boy” Music

Welcome to The Dust! In this episode Matt explores the music composed by Lorne Balfe (@LorneBalfe on twitter) for S1E05 “The Lost Boy”, looking at new music, variations, and the importance of tri-tone.

If you have any kind of feedback for the podcast get it to us by 5pm Pacific time on Tuesdays after an episode airs. Tweet @thedustpodcast, or send emails to dustpodcast@gmail.com. Find all back episodes and podcast app links (please Subscribe, Rate, Review on Apple Podcasts) at mattsaudioblog.com

Music on this podcast includes music composed for S1E05 and a podcast theme arranged by Matt based on the His Dark Materials main theme composed by Lorne Balfe (http://lornebalfe.com/). No copyright infringement intended.


2 thoughts on “Dust005a: His Dark Materials S1E05 “The Lost Boy” Music

  1. Dear John
    Your podcasts are a wonderful, enlightening gift for someone like me, a book-reader who loves Handel and Beethoven and Nordic folksongs, who feels but is unable to read music. I am so grateful and really look forward to the next season of His Dark Materials so you can tell me more psychoacoustics and tambors!
    Best wishes,


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