Dust002c: More Music and a Primer for S1E03

Welcome to The Dust! In this episode, Matt continues to explore the music composed by Lorne Balfe for S1E02 “The Idea of the North” and at the end (proper spoiler warnings given) talks about the trailer for S1E03.

If you have any kind of feedback for the podcast get it to us by 5pm Pacific time on Tuesdays after an episode airs. Tweet @thedustpodcast, or send emails to dustpodcast@gmail.com. Find all back episodes and podcast app links (please Subscribe, Rate, Review on Apple Podcasts) at mattsaudioblog.com

Music on this podcast includes music composed for S1E02 composed by Lorne Balfe (http://lornebalfe.com/), and a podcast theme arranged by Matt based on the His Dark Materials main theme.


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