B4TD016: Fire and Blood Wrap Up

Sorry for the delay but, finally, here is our wrap-up of Fire and Blood by George RR Martin. Matt is joined by ASOIAF Siren from the West Kelly (@KellyUnderfoot on twitter) and ASOIAF Siren from the East Susan (@blackeyedlily on twitter) to give their final thoughts on the book, and to look into the future as well.

You can find the interview with George RR Martin talked about in this podcast at https://youtu.be/ysRorXaGbG0

All things regarding this podcast can be found at mattsaudioblog.com

Music in this podcast includes a youtube friendly royalty free theme titled “A New Order” by Aaron Kenny https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVAggfwI4hnkA2WO6-xC06Q

Voice overs supplied by sitepal.com


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